Solo Leveling Chap 103

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Jeoffery Mccue 04:17 - 02/02/2020
Ant be like BRUH
Nat Nat 17:04 - 02/15/2020

emo@Jeoffery Mccue 

William Guo 02:27 - 02/03/2020
This chapter was as good as I imagined
Jacob Garcia 11:15 - 02/03/2020
Who is the red knight w/ skull shoulder armor armor?
none Andy 21:47 - 02/03/2020

@Jacob Garcia
1 is the blood. Commander from his necromancer job quest. 
2 is the A list hunter kim chul who wanted to kill him in the ice dungeon.
3 is the orc general from the red dungeon.
4 is the orc warlord shaman. 
All the red minions of his. 

timothy yoon 22:22 - 02/03/2020
I want. I need. I would very much appreciate, a new chapter lol