Solo Leveling Chap 138

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Luis Montoya 06:38 - 01/02/2019
when do new chapters of this drop?
Vladimir Manuel 07:05 - 01/03/2019
when is the next chapter? emo
Muhammad Shahrul nazrin Bin Nazir 18:04 - 01/03/2019
The best manga ever i had read...emo
jeremy law 02:32 - 05/09/2019
where are they new chapters shouldent they be out today
Thomas Derboven 21:19 - 06/06/2019
Great story and great work, I've read the novel, still a couple of years to finish at this rate, looking forward to the next chapter
Weeb Average 01:27 - 06/26/2019

@Thomas Derboven 
its sad novel ended so quick 
(it won’t take u a year)
it took me a few week to get to the end of novel

sandro oboladze 21:20 - 06/15/2019
OM this manga is soooooo fucking gooooooooooood whan comes anime ????
Abdul Wazed Rifat 20:19 - 06/19/2019
will this chapter be released today?
Long Lin 17:11 - 07/04/2019
Kimoji aiamrod 23:23 - 07/20/2019
im waiting....emo
ok no 02:09 - 08/01/2019
waiting for raw chapters to get translated got me depressed