Solo Leveling Chap 79

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Gordon Ramsay 01:18 - 07/11/2019
This is fucking... RAW!!
Mohiudden jishan 02:23 - 07/11/2019

@Gordon Ramsay 

Atogi Seb 02:41 - 07/11/2019
Man, everything in this manhwa is so awsome. Let's go next week!
Carlos leonelli 11:37 - 07/15/2019
Just bindged this whole manga today lol, it's great i normaly only watch anime but after looking for an anime to watch / be released i got desprate enought to read a manga and i love it, turns out with some dubstep in the backround i can enjoy manga as much as anime lol. im so happy now i feel just like when i first discorvered anime, the feeling of an endless amount of entertainment in my future, lol lost this feeling for anime after i watched every long lasting anime seires(naruto, one piece, bleach, hunterxhunter, ect,) and all the good 13 episode one's i could find, and all the current running seire's to the newest episode, but now i have evolved lol, i am no longer an anime only.
shin kirigaya 13:16 - 07/17/2019

@Carlos leonelli same goes to me first i thought manga readers suck...but when i also tried it...It changed my view on mangas actually it also gives me every time i read the manga and like i was watching anime at first time.....!!!emoemo