Solo Leveling Chap 81

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JD 06:52 - 07/25/2019
The demon noble sweating bucket over here
shin kirigaya 07:20 - 07/25/2019

@Jeremy WOHOO!!emoemoemoemo I SO LOVE THAT PART!!!

Justin Ott 17:08 - 07/25/2019
Love this webtoon. Used to read it on mangarock, but they are a good bit behind. In fact they are only on chapter 57, which was why I was super excited when I found this website.
Aditya Hasputra 23:05 - 07/25/2019
everytime he sees a new enemy.. "oh look, a new toy!"
joselito delacruz 08:43 - 08/08/2019
meanwhileemo, I'm back reading at chapter 81