Solo Leveling Chap 85

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your Business Non-of 02:55 - 08/22/2019
Also let's be honest Jin-Woo can clear Jeju Island by himself if they can wait ten more chapters
Anthony Chua 05:28 - 08/22/2019
I'd give it 4-5 chapters considering his recent conquests
LaNReB LoRYaJ 07:41 - 08/22/2019
emo i can't wait for the next chapters
paris tim 08:06 - 08/22/2019
for god sakes waiting whole week for 1 chapter is really painful
kaito 11:44 - 08/22/2019
reading a novel and trying to imagine the characters within it, for me it's a little difficult. So, been able to see them on the manhwa is fucking awesome
13:41 - 08/22/2019
I cant wait for the next chapter.... emo
besson luka 20:30 - 08/22/2019
what day a new chapter comes out ?emo
CURVY P 07:26 - 08/24/2019
Bart Vermeulen 02:04 - 08/29/2019
Where is the next chapter?!
Michael Stroud 05:39 - 08/29/2019
Manga is on halt until the 26th of September
Amirul Hakimi 08:31 - 08/29/2019

@Michael Stroud wht do u meant

Michael Stroud 04:44 - 08/31/2019

@Amirul Hakimi its just like it sounds the artist is taking a month break to relax, make buffer pages, and take care of themselves the manga will continue near the end of September.

your Business Non-of 15:51 - 09/03/2019

@Michael Stroud emoemoemo