Solo Leveling Chap 95

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ff bj 03:38 - 11/28/2019
Muy flojo el capitulo, mas de la mitad de las cosas si interesan ni se volveran a ver ya que no entraran ni caben en lo verdadero. Flojo!!
Wyeth Tsarlz 06:55 - 11/28/2019
That's all for the week. Another week to wait.
shin kirigaya 12:26 - 11/28/2019
emothat made me sweat reall hard!! also everytime I read this webtoon I felt like my heart beat keep getting faster!!!emo
Fenrir Omnipotent 13:15 - 11/28/2019
I love that he's actually there, but not at the same time. XD "just in case"
kaito 08:56 - 11/30/2019
hahaha yeah, get cocky now that you can...hehe wait for it